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Project Description
CRM Javascript Audit enables the auditing functionality for client side Javascript customization. Traditionally you will have to store the Javascripts in source control, but this could be a tedious process as more customizations made.

Supports MSCRM v4 On Premise deployment.

Solution Overview
CRM Javascript Audit solution is implemented as a plugin which monitors the Publish event. It captures the Pre and Post-Publish customization files, compare the Javascript code on both Form level and Field level, and finally write the changes back to a custom entity called Javascript Audit Log in CRM. The changes are written as Notes (annotation).

How to install
  • Download both customization and plugin files from the release tab
  • Extract the Plugin into a directory
  • Import the customization into your CRM and don't forget to publish it
  • Open up the Plugin Registration tool and browse to your CRM organization
  • Select Import / Export | Import Solution XML
  • Browse to the ImportPlugin.xml in the extracted directory of Plugin
  • Check the 'Ignore Id's in ImportXml'
  • Select all items to import and click 'Import Selected Items'

Note: it is recommended to run the plugin as a specific user. This user need to have full access to the Javascript Audit Log entity and Annotation entity.

  • Logs all Javascript changes in both Form level and Field level (including Mobile forms)
  • Ability to choose which entities to monitor through Plugin level configuration

  • Does not monitor the PublishAll event for performance reason
  • Only runs on Microsoft CRM 4.0 On Premise

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